Waypoint Tool

This tool was created with the purpose of programming a vehicle to follow waypoints using an Arduino microcontroller paired to a GPS module. To make editing easier, use the full-page view. Creating and Loading Waypoints To create a waypoint path: click on the map. To remove a waypoint: click on the waypoint and click remove. To move a waypoint: click and drag it. To save or erase coordinates: right-click the map; the location name is the point of interest nearest to the first waypoint, and that is the file’s default name.


Receptus Application

Receptus is a fast, offline Bible browser that allows easy reading and search. Includes the King James Version, Young's Literal Translation, Louis Segond, and French Darby translations of the Bible. The code for this app was written by Denis from December 2019 to January 2020. To see this app's source code, visit the GitHub repository. Contributions to the app's code are welcome. Key Features Tabbed interface. Like a browser, this Bible app is able to load many pages at once, allowing quick skipping between passages and versions.


Warglobe Game

About the Game In the early 2000s, video games came in cereal boxes. An example of this is Battleship: Surface Thunder, a simple mission-based third-person shooter that put my child fingers in control of a battleship. I was hooked. Since then, the distant idea of creating a game with air and naval combat has stuck. Unfortunately, many games today are based on a flat map, which is great for game engines, but not so great for players who want a larger area.