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Receptus is a fast, offline Bible browser that allows easy reading and search. Includes the King James Version, Young's Literal Translation, Louis Segond, and French Darby translations of the Bible.

The code for this app was written by Denis from December 2019 to January 2020. To see this app's source code, visit the GitHub repository. Contributions to the app's code are welcome.

Key Features

Tabbed interface. Like a browser, this Bible app is able to load many pages at once, allowing quick skipping between passages and versions.

Compare view. Read the same Bible passage in two different versions side-by-side.

Compare view

Search or go to reference. Like a browser, this app will automatically decide whether to go directly to a reference or search passages that contain that text instead.

Read out loud. Capability for the computer to read the present chapter.

Bilingual. Cette application est aussi disponible en français.

The app features the ability to read Zephania XML, a free Bible format that can be downloaded from the web.
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