Denis Labrecque

Programming and graphics

Denis has graduated cum laude with Information Technology and Graphic Design degrees from Pensacola Christian College in December 2020. He is just now starting a programming career.


Programming Projects


Waypoint Tool

This tool was created with the purpose of programming a vehicle to follow waypoints using an Arduino microcontroller paired to a GPS module. To make editing easier, use the full-page view. Creating and Loading Waypoints To create a waypoint path: click on the map. To remove a waypoint: click on the waypoint and click remove. To move a waypoint: click and drag it. To save or erase coordinates: right-click the map; the location name is the point of interest nearest to the first waypoint, and that is the file’s default name.


Receptus Application

Receptus is a fast, offline Bible browser that allows easy reading and search. Includes the King James Version, Young's Literal Translation, Louis Segond, and French Darby translations of the Bible. The code for this app was written by Denis from December 2019 to January 2020. To see this app's source code, visit the GitHub repository. Contributions to the app's code are welcome. Key Features Tabbed interface. Like a browser, this Bible app is able to load many pages at once, allowing quick skipping between passages and versions.


Warglobe Game

About the Game In the early 2000s, video games came in cereal boxes. An example of this is Battleship: Surface Thunder, a simple mission-based third-person shooter that put my child fingers in control of a battleship. I was hooked. Since then, the distant idea of creating a game with air and naval combat has stuck. Unfortunately, many games today are based on a flat map, which is great for game engines, but not so great for players who want a larger area.

Need help programming an app?

Denis has personal experience making websites and apps. For example, he has published Minesweeper Basic and Receptus, and is currently working on Warglobe, a video game.

Whether it is a complex application developed by a team, or a simple app, he can most likely help you on your project.

Denis a is very willing learner and takes on tasks with enthusiasm. He is diligent in his work and always has a positive attitude. I enjoyed working with him, and think he would be an asset to any company. Silas Miller, Web Developer for Abeka

Graphical Projects


North American Morgan 40' Sailboat

These renders were made for a client who wanted to renovate his sailboat. If you are interested in similar renderings for your project, please contact Denis. Bow master sleeping area Galley accommodations Navigation area Work area, which can still be used as a bed space Created and rendered using Blender.


Spenser House

Creating 3D models is a skill I developed personally during college. Using rendering engines taught me the complicated but fascinating process of elaborating geometry and shaders to replicate the real world, from painstakingly copying building plans to properly using assets. Kitchen Living room Portico Exterior Designed by architect Guy Peterson, Spenser House is a residence made in the Sarasota School of Architecture’s signature style.


Modern Home

Front view Two stone block towers support this house, giving it the feeling of floating above ground. The main living spaces are left open plan, with large windowed walls funneling views towards both the front and the back, helping maintain privacy. The windows are also placed to provide features at night, where they will glow brightly against the dark stone construction, enhancing the building’s volume. Rooftop terrace Requested spaces for this house were: a living area with kitchen, a balcony, and a central courtyard.


Scale Air Campaign

This advertising campaign is for an imaginary model aircraft meetup in Montreal. It supports the event’s design needs, and is meant to attract visitors. Because of its particular location, part of the campaign is bilingual. Apparel This apparel is designed to be sold as a fundraiser at the event. It was first sketched out on paper, then made in Illustrator and mocked up in Photoshop.


Need help with graphics?

Denis is experienced with graphics. He has ample experience in CSS/SASS for websites. He also has experience with advertisements, print design, video editing, and creating user interfaces.

Design is not only functional, but also integral to the “pop” that gets you noticed in today's competitive market. See how a purposeful layout can help you reach your target audience.

[Denis] has distinguished himself with great attention to detail, both suggesting and implementing numerous improvements to our web site. In addition, he has shown great flexibility, willingly assisting with some incredibly “boring” but essential upgrade work to site libraries and structure. Norm Hansen, Abeka Programming Team Leader