Asian Garden

Blender Render

I created this scene to challenge myself to represent nature. It taught me how to use software light, and how to texture natural elements like water to make a good-looking render. An asset software called Bridge helped speed the composition process, and the image was rendered from Blender.

Early on, the details are blocked in, but the lighting needs work. The fireflies are from a non-denoised draft render in Cycles.
Changing the HDRI, adding grass, and improving the textures adds quite a lot to the realism.
Additional tests help determine the sun's brightness and angle.
This image represents a garden that is closed off and allows wading in a pond of clear water while enjoying the warm sun. The golden hour lighting and visible elements are meant to convey that story.

The work process was focused on creating the realism and atmosphere desired, while using technical elements such as shaders to represent that carefully. Therefore the final image is part of a complete simulated landscape in which the camera is situated. The garden itself is in a pseudo-Japanese style; most of the elements are from Quixel Megascans, with the bridge and wall being custom modeled.