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A general summary about my life and ideas.

I am presently a university student double majoring in Computer Information Systems and Graphic Design.

I was born in Sorel-Tracy, Québec, Canada, and was raised in Granby, where my father worked as an engineer. From there, we moved to the small village of St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, where we stayed all my teen years.

I was homeschooled until university, learning English and French natively. I am now a student in university at Pensacola Christian College, and work during the summers.

My Interests


I am foremost a Christian – Evangelical by denomination. I believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God; that the world and man were created in six days by God; that man, preferring his to will to that of his creator, chose to sin against God, causing a separation between God and man; that Jesus Christ, the Son of God – divine by nature – died for every person’s sins, so that we might not fall under eternal condemnation separated from the Lord, but rather have eternal life with Him; and that Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah, will rule in Jerusalem for 1000 years with the saints, fulfilling his promises to Israel: that David would never lack a son to rule after him.
The piano and the violin are the instruments I play, along with some mandolin.

I am a strong believer in a free economy and low taxation, or, in other words, conservative politics. My concern is that our earnings, instead of being spent by us, are spent by the country for other people’s interests in a centralized policy that is not tailored to best suit our personal needs and encourages only what the government thinks best. Although taxation is necessary, it should be limited to what is absolutely necessary for the entire community.


Although I do appreciate many styles of music, my favourite is classical for its complexity. I especially enjoy Baroque fugue music and vocal motets, as well as violin concertos and organ toccatas. I enjoy composing classical music as well, and do play the violin and piano.

I also enjoy drawings and paintings, and do create my own too. One of my personal favourite paintings is probably Man with Cat by Cecilia Beaux.

Computer code, especially when it includes graphic elements – such as in the case of this website, which I myself built from scratch – also occupies some of my time. Such is the reason I am studying Computer Information Systems and Grahpic Design at the same time.

I’m also an aviation enthusiast, and especially appreciate jet airplanes of any kind. Rencently, I have delved into the hobby of remote control electric ducted fan foam airplanes, and am loving it! Once done with my studies, I hope to enter the RCAF as a pilot.

In general though, I just like making stuff. Furniture, clothes, websites, illustrations, music, literature, gardens – it doesn’t matter.

Let's Get in Touch!

For my online resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile below. If you wish to follow me or find out more about me, do use either my Google+ or my Pinterest feeds, which I update quite often.

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