Forgiveness in Righteousness

Short motet for soprano, tenor, and bass voice

Whose God by Thomas Hawk under Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic

A short a capella piece for encouragement to persevere in the Lord and surmount sin.


  • Many deceits, hiding, weighed on me,
    Pressing on my shoulders heavily;
    Speaking through my silence words untold,
    Making what was hidden grow so bold.
  • Shadows mark the place of what is old:
    Why let sin envelop with its mold?
    Shackles are the price of slavery:
    Why forget the work of Calvary?
  • Sins forgiven
    We are bidden
    To walk holy
    For Thee.
  • Tear now apart the sin ensnaring me so easily, that now I might declare Your wonders; O…
  1. Blessed are the just, those (who walk) pure in Your sight!
    Covered by Thy might,
    Walking by Thy sight,
    They stand upon a solid height.
    Renew us all so (we might) stay on the way!
    Steadfast ev’ry day,
    Keeping time to pray:
    Our God, let no one fall away.
  2. Are you made clean, one (who walks) pure in His sight?
    Are you in His light,
    Covered in His sight?
    Do you stand on a solid height?
    Are you renewed, made (wholly) clean each new day?
    Walking in the way,
    Keeping time to pray?
    Our God, let no one fall a way.
  • All who are forgiven stand in joy;
    Heaven given mercies they employ,
    Praises of thanksgiving they proffer
    Walking in their God, their deliv’rer.
  • Turning towards Him, they do not hide:
    Hiding from their sin is not their pride.
    On their shoulders nothing: all is light;
    On their heart no blemish: all is white.
  • Holy,
    Living purely
    By forgiveness
    In righteousness:
    As such make me
    Pure and holy.
    Keep me closely
    To be more like Thee.

Forgiveness in Righteousness


Based on Psalm 32, this song was written both as a reminder to continually seek the Lord's forgiveness and to have joy in it. This composition originated to be sung for the Campus Church at Pensacola Christian College.

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