Varia Moderna

Original composition for piano

White Columns by Peter Miller under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

A collection of piano pieces.

Baroque Blues

Date: 2014, 2017

I composed this piece at the end of 2014 after Daniel Dastoor asked me to write a simple modern air for piano, in the style of Yiruma. Out of the couple of suggestions I came up with, this one definitely had a baroque feel.

Pastel Whites

Date: 2016

This second answer to Daniel's suggestion to write in a simplistic style seemed much more modern to me, although not quite minimalistic because of its repeated notes. However, after its audition, it may assuredly be described as “A charming chain of themes and motives which undulate with the calm of the wind and with the assurance of the pattering rain.”

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