Wind of the Morning Air

Musique du réveil for solo violin

A two-movement wakeup call for playing in the morning during music camp.

These two movements were made for waking people up! It is that a tradition at the Cedar Lodge music camp, organized for the OSC by Mr. Marc André, was to awake to music. One or two people would pass from one cabin to another, playing an instrument to signify that it was time to get up.

After having participated to the music camp, it occurred to me to compose specifically for that goal. I them formed the prototype for a musique du réveil. I consider a musique du réveil to be a musical form, just like a concerto or a symphony. This firm consists of two movements. The first is on a slower tempo, with an obvious and repeated theme. The second movement is somewhat faster, with a particular attention towards series of notes having the same time value.



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