My Complete Composition List

  1. Violin Concerto "The Italianate" (uncorrected)
  2. Violin Romance "Butterfly" (uncorrected)
  3. Concerto "Thanksgiving" for three violins (partly recomposed)
  4. Prelude and Adagio for keyboard (uncorrected)
  5. Suite "On the Iris" for two violins (uncorrected)
  6. "Grande Entrée", "Marche Militaire" (incomplete)
  7. "Concerto du Printemps" (recomposed)
  8. Scrapbook: "La maladie d'amour" (complete), "Jungle Wells" (complete), Étude, Background Harp Music, Arrangement of Happy Birthday (all complete)
  9. "Musique du Réveil" for violon (complete)
  10. "Je vais avec lui!" hymn, (complete)
  11. "Six Bell Calls" (complete)
  12. Arrangements (incomplete)
  13. Toccata & two preludes for organ (complete)
  14. "Mélodies" for violin and cello, many movements, a recomposition (incomplete)
  15. Mariage Cantata (only begun)
  16. "Voici le Sauveur" short motet (complete)
  17. "Tormented Winds" polyphonia and chaconne for two violins (complete)
  18. "Daniel" I: polyphonia, passacaglia, orientalisante, & "Le petit rigolo" for violin and piano (complete)
  19. "Esther" Opera: "Festin," "Romance," "Esther et Mardochée," "Bigtham et Theresh," "Marche," "Désolation des Juifs," "Esther recontre le roi," "Les annales", "Victoire des Juifs", "Jésus est mon diving berger" (partially composed)
  20. "The Anthem Set" hymns: "Tu es serviteur et héros", "Pour le seul roi," "Ènlève, élève," "Vois mon désir," "En toi mes yeux voient" (complete)
  21. "Rosée matinale," musique du réveil for violin (complete)
  22. "Daniel" II: prelude & czardas for violin and orchestra (complete)
  23. Airs for two violins (complete; additions to be made)
  24. Musique du réveil for saxophone (incomplete)
  25. "Moderna" for piano: "Pastel Whites" (complete; additions to be made)

Where Are All of my Compositions?

Part of my unrecorded music is on a YouTube playlist as synthetic music. I have made some acoustic recordings provisionally, but have decided that my main music channel is SoundCloud. However, making quality recordings is arduous, and I'm far from up to date.

Scores are easier to share. A practically encyclopedic website, IMSLP (Petrucci Music Library) hosts many PDF scores of my compositions. Still, many works are not perfectly adjusted, so I couldn't upload them yet.

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