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New game for the Windows Store!

I am excited to announce my development of a new minesweeper application for the Windows Store!

The objective badges and statistics app section in all its glory

This program is a fruit of my labour in computer information systems at Pensacola Christian College. One .NET programming course final project was to create a game such as connect four, tic-tac-toe 3D, an adventure game, or minesweeper. Therefore, this program was made in C#, and was principally programmed by me, plus a teammate (wishes to remain anonymous) who helped with some of the statistics. Now updated with objective badges, this app is my first on the Windows Store!

Making a functional draft of the game took me a day. However, getting the win situation to register correctly took further work. The most difficult part of programming this game was creating the method to reveal connected blank tiles. I had to rewrite it on a fresh mind, and this took three and a half hours while working based on previous knowledge.

Another challenge was updating the list of objectives after each game. The list of objectives would grow stale, and would not update according to those badges which were earned in an app session; this required the user to restart the app before seeing his badges marked as accomplished. Thanks to Simon for his wonderful “TrulyObservableCollection” type, which allowed me to solve this problem after about eight hours of failed solutions.

Get my app now! It’s free!

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