Planetary Dogfight

Unity Airplane Simulation

An airplane and ship battle game in progress.

This game’s goal is to imitate remote-control electric ducted fan airplanes equipped with first-person-view cameras. They fight with an infrared laser and detection system as guns, and use air-powered missiles that are guided towards the sound other vehicles emit.

One goal for this game is to allow landing airplanes on aircraft carriers and airports. Another goal is networking so two players can battle against each other.


Function Control
Bank left left arrow (and joystick)
Bank right right arrow (and joystick)
Pull up down arrow (and joystick)
Pull down up arrow (and joystick)
Yaw left q (and joystick twist)
Yaw right e (and joystick twist)
Accelerate left shift (and throttle)
Decelerate z (and throttle)
Cycle cameras c
Planet view m
Shoot laser left ctrl


This game is a work in progress. Certain elements noted below do not work yet; if it’s on the list, I’m eventually fixing it. If I missed a problem, feel free to comment below.

Trivial Problems

  • Rudder turns on a weird axis
  • Certain textures flash because of shadow-camera distance
  • The water shader creates lines through the sea
  • Opening screen buttons do not apply hover colours and sounds
  • Translation strings do not work in game mode
  • Airbrakes close too quickly
  • Some airplane parts don’t collide with the ground
  • Camera can pass through objects
  • Aircraft wheel bays don’t open
  • Aircraft wheels have no suspension
  • Airplane wheels are not correctly set in/out at game start
  • Airplane throttle setting is not correct at game start
  • Flotation does not work

Functional Issues

  • The planet view behaves strangely and cannot zoom
  • The airplane will jitter and move continuously when landed
  • The HUD view is still present in planet view
  • Aircraft cannot land on aircraft carrier for lack of a tail hook implementation
  • The FPV camera view is static when it should swivel inside the cockpit
  • There is no flight path marker (FPM)
  • Batteries cannot be recharged

Missing Features

  • Multiplayer playability (waiting for Unity connected games)
  • Decals and flags with country logos
  • The player can change between vehicles
  • Airplanes can mount bombs and missiles
  • Pause screen and credits screen
  • The player can earn new vehicles
  • Include waypoint and city tags
  • Aircraft carriers have elevators and hangars
  • Give the game a goal (or levels)

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