Denis Labrecque

Denis Labrecque

I am presently a university student double majoring in Computer Information Systems and Graphic Design.

You should consider hiring me because I learn well on my own; for example, I taught myself violin playing, musical composition, and web design; this shows capacity to work alone. I am also perseverant, and strive to be always truthful.

If you have an opportunity for me, I am thankful for it. I will come curious about how you do things, open-minded, ready to learn, and ready to work for your needs.

If you do not have an opportunity at the moment, thank you still for your kind attention. Please do keep my contact information if you believe such an opportunity will arise later!

University Student

2015–2020 Computer Information Sciences and Graphic Design at Pensacola Christian College, Florida

A double major, this series of courses is the attainment of bachelor's degrees in both programming and graphic design. My academic success shows hard work and strong motivation to succeed.

Graphic Designer

2018 summer job at Studio Grafik, Sorel-Tracy

This work, begun as an internship, turned into a summer job aftwards. It allowed me exercise my skills in both web design and paper publishing with an emphasis towards marketing.

Graphic Design Intern

2018 three-week internship at Liberty Baptist Church, Las Vegas

This internship introduced me to design work, and to many different projects of various scope. In replacement of the media director, I produced designs for 115 000 summer flyers, hundreds of tracts, booklets, and more.

Order Picker

2016–2017 summer job at Colabor, Boucherville

This work allowed me to take initiative by working alone, got me used to the night shift, and required that I be responsible of my production. I always arrived on time, and worked overtime when necessary. I integrated very well with the team, and my bosses showed themselves very satisfied with the work done for them.

Personal Qualifications

I participated in renovation work for friends, making roof replacements, finishing walls, and installing flooring.

I programmed my own blog using my HTML and CSS experience to learn the Jekyll templating language on GitHub. That demonstrates my capacity of learning on my own wherewhile creating a unique space for my graphical creations.

    Programming Languages
    C#, C++, C, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, Jekyll; have also used XAML, PHP, JSON
    Experience in Applications
    WordPress, Blender, VisualStudio, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Finale, Office Suite

Personal Qualities

    I like to accomplish my promises, fishing my tasks with minutia.
    I am able to learn by my own experience.
    I speak English and French fluently since birth.
    I play the piano and violin, participate in literary and musical competitions, draw, keep my own flower garden, write code between friends, and (too!) often start new projects.
    I enjoy reading, listening, asking questions, and hearing both sides of a debate.