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Curriculum Vitae

A résumé of my work skills and experience

Denis Labrecque

I am presently a university student double majoring in Computer Information Systems and Graphic Design.

University Studies2015–2020 (current)

Pensacola Christian College, Florida
  • [] Found on January 22, 2017. “In PCC’s computer information systems major, students prepare for a variety of industry positions by learning to plan, program, and manage computer information systems, networks, databases, and websites. Students receive hands-on experience in a broad range of technologies and programming languages, gaining the logical thinking and disciplined documentation necessary to work with computer information systems. Because the emphasis is on programming, students learn computer languages such as Java, COBOL, HTML, JavaScript, and SQL, with optional electives providing experience in PHP and other languages. Students also receive database, networking, and computer hardware experience. In the capstone course, Systems Design, students collaborate to develop a small business computer application from the initial design stage to final implementation.”
  • Mobile Programming
    Developed for Android using Java and C#, programmed a cross-platform application, assessed the feasibility of creating a new realty application, and worked both alone and in a team according to the model-view-controller pattern.
    .NET Programming
    Created Universal Windows Platform applications in C# using the .NET framework.
    Object-oriented Programming and Design
    Examined and understood the principles of objet-oriented programming in C++ when evaluated according to severe guidelines and capacity to follow a rigid format.
    Computer Graphics Programming
    Created computer games in teams using Unity, and assessed topics such as 2D sprites, 3D modelling, animation, shaders, and QBasic.
  • [] Found on January 22, 2017. “Commercial advertising/graphic design firms, businesses, and Christian ministries need creative and efficient designers who can produce clear, visual communication using advanced technology. With abundant hands-on instruction, students begin by developing fundamental drawing and design skills using traditional media, while also learning essential computer application skills using Apple iMac computers and Adobe® Creative Cloud software. Advanced training in creative problem solving, as well as two semesters each of web design and multimedia production, helps fully prepare students to design practical, useful solutions to common graphic problems. The program includes internships in the field and courses to develop digital portfolios and self-promotional materials for potential employers. With the senior portfolio exhibit, students complete the program and showcase their best work.”
  • Graphic Design I & II
    Exercised problem-solving skills while creating logos and combination marks, a company identity, vector illustrations, brochures, and food packaging, along with other regular assignments.
    Principles of Painting
    Learned to paint realistically in watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media.
    Principles of Drawing
    Used pencil to draw realistically and learn visual modelling, shading, and proportion. Extreme scrutiny in correct values and exact negative space.

These two degrees are in progress at Pensacola Christian College, Florida. In my concentration, I have followed courses on programming, in graphic production software, in drawing, and in painting. Studying in a rule-strict environment allowed me to adapt to life on campus, to follow a regular schedule, and to keep a regular performance. I am presently in my junior year, each semester being completed with Dean’s list honours.

Order Picker2016 (summer job)

Colabor, Boucherville

This work allowed me to take initiative by working alone, got me used to the night shift, and required that I be responsible of my production. I always arrived on time, and worked overtime when necessary. I integrated very well with the team, and my bosses showed themselves very satisfied with the work done for them.

Personal Qualifications

I participated in renovation work for friends, making roof replacements, finishing walls, and installing flooring.

I programmed my own blog using my HTML and CSS experience to learn the Jekyll templating language on GitHub. That demonstrates my capacity of learning on my own wherewhile creating a unique space for my graphical creations.

Programming Languages
comfortable using: C#, C++, C, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS
have also used: XAML, PHP, JSON
Experience in Applications
Blender, VisualStudio, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Finale, Office Suite

Personal Qualities

  • Persistent, I like to accomplish my promises, fishing my tasks with minutia
  • Self-teaching, I am able to learn by my own experience.
  • Bilingual, I speak English and French fluently since birth.
  • Creative, I play the piano and violin, participate in literary and musical competitions, draw, keep my own flower garden, write code between friends, and (too!) often start new projects.
  • Inquisitive, I enjoy reading, listening, asking questions, and hearing both sides of a debate.

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