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Liberty Baptist Internship

Graphic design

My studies led me to do a three-week graphic design internship in Las Vegas at Liberty Baptist Church from May 15th to June 5th, 2018.

One main project produced for Pastor Berkey was the design of 115 000 summer flyers, to be distributed in town by the summer missionaries. There were quite a few boxes of these!

liberty tract boxes
Boxes of over one-hundred thousand tracts just arrive

First, I produced a few options from which to chose; then, with additional input from the staff, a final design was agreed upon. Because none of my original four designs were accepted, this took some back and forth: good practice in understanding and executing a boss’ concept.

summer tract funny
The humorous option
summer tract palms
The desert palm option
summer tract parasol
The parasol option
summer tract classical
The classical look option

At last, once the choice of a front image was narrowed down to a drink, I could easily focus on the final result. The tracts were then sent to print through GotPrint, making this a great experience with ordering from an outside printing company.

be refreshed tract front
Front of the summer tract
be refreshed tract back
Back of the summer tract

Another interesting set of projects was making flyers announcing church activities. There were quite a few of these, which had to be printed sporadically according to necessity. Because of this, I adopted a similar design for each, hunting down an appropriate background image each time. Some of these were translated into Spanish, which was a great localization experience.

flyer super freezed
Super Freezed youth activity event flyer
flyer super games
Super Games youth activity event flyer
flyer super powder games
Super Powder Games youth activity event flyer
flyer dia del padre
Father's day flyer (Spanish)

Some of my work was providing posters for events. In this, it was necessary to follow the general style and fonts set by the previous designer. Some of the largest posters were printed in large format and hung on the school walls, while others were meant for screen display.

poster family life
Family Life Conference church event poster
poster family life 2
Another Family Life Conference poster option
poster yogurt land
Yogurt Land promotion poster and flyer
missions folder page
Summer missionary folder front page
poster knights
Liberty Baptist Academy Knights sports team promotion poster
poster lba website
Liberty Baptist Academy welcome poster
poster lba mission low poly
Low-poly Liberty Baptist Academy mission statement poster
poster lba mission curved
The final LBA mission statement poster

Part of the church activities was Southwest Junior youth camp. This was the occasion of a fun pamphlet design.

flyer ironwood front
Camp flyer cover and back pages
flyer ironwood inside
Camp flyer inside spread

As part of the youth program, much of my time was spent working on promotional materials and verse workbooks for the students of Camp Liberty. This permitted my learning of the Xerox printer, especially since a new one was installed after my arrival: I was the one to figure out how to debug it. This also allowed me to print over 900 copies of booklets, folded and stapled by the printer.

flyer liberty 2019
Camp Liberty 2019 flyer design
workbook 2019
Camp Liberty Workbook cover design for 2019
printer liberty
Workbooks being printed as booklets
postcard liberty kids
Thank you for coming post card from Liberty Kids

Finally, I got a request from First Choice to design a billboard according to an idea given me. I had no idea whether it will actually be displayed, and don’t know its exact final size, but it was an interesting project. If anyone sees it, please send me a picture!

billboard pregnancy woman
Preferred and humanized billboard according to Coralie's suggestions
billboard pregnancy goodness
Original 'oh my goodness!' idea with a pregnancy test graphic

That pretty much wraps up the highlights of my internship work at Liberty!

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