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People have many questions about PCC that are either rumors or are easy to clarify. Many have to do about that rules, which have changed with time.

Is PCC Accredited?

Pensacola Christian is accredited since 2013. In 2018, they have been reaccredited for the next ten years by the TRACS Accreditation Commission (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools), recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Does PCC Have Blue and Red Sidewalks?

There are no sidewalk colours at Pensacola Christian College. However, there are chaperoned areas where couples may walk together on campus, and couples may not be together off-campus (except with 23-year or older ladies).

Are Headphones Allowed at PCC?

Yes, headphones are allowed while not in public places (to allow chatting). On March 13, 2018, president Shoemaker made an announcement reversing the previous headphone ban, advocating personal moderation according to the PCC music standards.

Are Couples Allowed to Date at PCC?

Yes, couples are very much encouraged to date and to participate in social events.

May Couples Hold Hands?

No. Any physical touch will result in being accosted by a chaperone and will be awarded at least 10 demerits by Student Life.

May Girls and Boys Go off Campus Together?

No, under the penalty of being expelled. There are exceptions: chaperoned outings provided by the college, Christian service activites (like door-to-door and visiting retirement homes), pre-arranged outings with personal chaperones (teachers and parents count as chaperones), or girls that are 23 years and older.

May Girls Wear Pants?

No, except while in their room, ice skating, or at the rock wall. All other places require knee-length shorts. Pants must not be tight.

Is the Skating Rink Real Ice?

Yes! It is in an air-conditioned room, and is even maintained by a large zamboni.

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