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Reasons to Love Pensacola Christian College

From a student's perspective

Here is why PCC is such a great place to learn as a Christian student.

The people create a great atmosphere

As a Christian, in the whole world, there are few places like PCC where so many Christians are concentrated together towards a common purpose. This creates a spirit of brotherhood and quiet which does not exist anywhere else.

At PCC, it is possible to fratenize with other Christian young people everywhere one goes. To make friends who are kind and also wish to follow God is our previlege at PCC: there are few other places where that is the case.

The college encourages godly living

Instead of making us fight against the common current, the college puts forward programs and activities which encourage us to live a godly life. We are constantly exposed to the Bible and to the examples of others which push us to improve, not first in academics, but first in discipline with God. This encourages every student to orient every aspect of his life according to the best of his ability.

The rules sort people out

Many people complain about the rather strict rules at PCC. Granted, certain rules may seem unreasonable and are not necessarily applied according to the most benevolent spirit. However, the task of faculty is not to denigrate students, but to allow them to live accountably.

The great thing about enforcing conservative rules is that obedient students stay. Some students may have entered PCC for the wrong reasons. But unwilling yield themselves to a higher standard, they inevitably leave. Therefore, although rules do have difficulties, for the most part, they tend to encourage qualities of higher standards in integrity and obedience.

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