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Leaving St-Hyacinthe

For university

I will God willing be leaving home in a couple of days attend Pensacola Christian College to study in Computer Information Systems and Graphic Design.

With that, I am also leaving my assembly for a while. This Sunday was my last attendance until the winter holidays. Many of my souvenirs and acquaintances will remain there for a long, long time (if the Lord does not come sooner).

For those who may be interested, here is the vlog I am taking on my trip from St-Denis-sur-Richelieu to Pensacola – a little way, to say the least. But we will have an interesting stop at the Creation Museum in Cincinnati on the way to break the monotony!

Just this evening, I have completed the bed shelf explained in the second video. It will be useful for me as living on campus with only bunks gives us no night table for our bible/clock/lamp/etc.

A Prayer on St-Hyacinthe

My Father and my Lord
Who vanquishes by your word:
Act upon the burden of your people;
Awaken, show your hand, and bring revival!
How men have forgotten your holiness
And have run towards the darkness!
Escaping even the notion of Lordship,
They have but fallen in self-worship.
But remember St-Hyacinthe by your grace:
For there we gather forty before your face –
Have you not said that by ten just
A city would not be crushed? –
Therefore, make our humble assembly shine bright
So that they might not only notice its light,
But also follow its beam of holiness
Towards that place removed from tears and distress.
Father, remember this prayer
And act according to your power!

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