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CF-105 Avro Arrow


Found on via Canadian Department of Defense

This large Canadian delta-winged interceptor first flew in 1958. It was meant to protect the Arctic regions from high-altitude bombers during the Cold War with Russia.

Design began when the specifications for an aircraft that could take off from a 1830m runway after a turnaround of 10 minutes and reach a Mach 1.5 cruising speed at 15,240 m altitude in 5 minutes, with a range of 370 to 560 km, could not be met by any available aircraft. But for budgetary reasons, the program was cancelled by Prime Minister Diefenbaker, and all six units were scrapped by fear of Soviet spy infiltration, leading to the demise of Avro Canada. Only a cockpit section, engine nacelles, and a few other bits, remain.

The legacy of the Arrow persists; in 2010, fifty years later, its modernisation and production was lobbied against the acquisition project of the controversial American F-35 “Lightning”. Due to risk, time, and cost, the project was rejected. Nevertheless the bird is not completely entombed, as a few replicas of the aircraft exist, one of which, called ARROW II, is to become a high-performance airshow demonstration aircraft that will first fly in 2016.

Odd Fact

Avro planned to capitalize on the rollout of the first unit, and invited over 10 000 people. Unfortunately, the media was distracted by Sputnik’s launch, made the same day.


Max. takeoff weight: 31 120 kg
Maximum speed: Mach 1.98 (2 104 km/h) at 15 000 m maximum recorded; Mach 2+ potential
Combat radius: 660 km

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