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Abator Arrow

3D render of a fighter jet

Made as a portfolio piece using Blender.

This work is licensed to Denis Labrecque under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International


The Abator Arrow is an imaginary and updated version of the Canadian Avro Arrow of the 1950s. The idea for the Abator Arrow comes from the Beaverworks Super Avro Arrow fan site; it is my personal interpretation of what the Avro Arrow might look like today, when taking into consideration stealth and maneuverability.

Abator Arrow Front
The Abator Arrow uses chines and a lifting body concept.
Abator Arrow Side
Care was taken to reduce the airodynamic drag about the canopy, yet keep visibility to a maximum, while considering the area rule.
Abator Arrow Top
The inlets, placed above the wings, are hidden to enemy radar.

A specific emphasis of my model is the integration of the engine inlets to the top of the fuselage, as this would decrease radar visibility. One downside to that approach is difficulty in placing the cockpit to a fully seeing position. Another model emphasis is to include internal weapons bays, once again as a stealth feature.

The wings of the model follow the original, but are tilted to an anhedral for increased maneuverability. A double, all-moving tail improves yaw control at supersonic speeds. Like the F-22 Raptor, the Abator has bi-directional vectoring exhaust surfaces. Its camouflage is inspired by that of the Viggen.

This model went through many iterations and variants before the final product. It was built through many days of patient figuring, and was in fact rebuilt later with a simpler mesh to help improve computed smoothing. It goes together with the Underground Hangar Scene render.

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