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Rhinoceros Beetle

Pencil drawing

Created through AR 111 Principles of Drawing class for Graphic Design.

The reference image I chose for the beetle drawing.

Finished: November 28, 2015
Medium: pencil on paper
Size: 10 in. × 13 in.

Following our first portrait, a requirement of AR 111 was to draw either a new portrait or an animal. Although my choice was to create a portrait, my photo reference was not accepted, and I drew the portrait on the side.

An attractive part of the reference is the blurr going towards the background. Another interesting feature to draw was the enameled look. Combined with the shadows, these gave the drawing a great sense of perspective.

As it turned out, apart from the too blurry foot beneath the mouth, this drawing impressed my teacher, who gave me an A+ with the remark that drawing insects seemed to be my thing. I, however, decided that it suffered too much from paper-grain-speckle sickness, which I resolved to get rid of in the future by layering lighter pencils before adding the darker colours.

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