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Shawn Labrecque

Pencil drawing

Made at Pensacola Christian College as the portrait project for Principles of Drawing (AR 111).
The original image I chose of Shawn at the zoo
The drawing and original beside each other during shading.

Finished: November 23, 2015
Medium: pencil on paper
Size: 13 in. × 10 in.

As a first portrait in drawing class, I elected to draw my brother. Browsing through my pictures, a cute picture of him holding a bird on his arm at the zoo aviary seemed best suited to my purpose.

The result was exciting for me – no doubt my best portrait drawing until then. My favourite feature is the hair. Originally stressful to create, it seemed rendered in an enjoyable style once completed.

However – art needing mastery – although very cute, this portrait was not the most successful academically. My method of drawing rays towards the chin to determine proportions was no doubt inaccurate, as it stretched the face upwards. The teacher also marked that the right eyebrow and the mouth should have been softer and lighter. My grade was B+ – good, yet a little disappointing for me as it prevented me from maintaining an all-A class score.

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